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Evening Student Union



Welcome to Evening Student Union (ESU)

簡介​​ General Information 


ESU is the Student Union of IFT Evening Degree Programmes, set up in 2016 and is affiliated to IFT Student Union.


使命宣言Mission Statement 

  • 團結 Unity 
  • ​​​​​綜合夜間學生意見Collect suggestions from evening students 
  • 舉辦活動 Organize Activities 
  • 對外推廣旅遊學院夜間部 Promote Evening Degree Programmes 
  • 為學生發聲 Communicate between students and IFT 
  • 增強校園歸屬感 Strengthen the sense of belonging to the Institute
    2018-2019 4th Evening Student Union

組織架構圖 Organizational Chart

2018-2019 4th Evening Student Union




最新資訊 What's News








 [Activity  News]IFT students visited Macao Young Entrepreneur Incubation Centre


 Evening student union of institute for tourism studies (ESU) organized students to visit the Macau Youth Entrepreneurship Incubation Center (“MYEIC”) to learn about the facilities and professional support services provided by the Center for Macao innovators and entrepreneurs.

 The visit was held on January 26. The secretary of MYEIC, Helen Pun Wai-in and Jasper Leong Chon, led the students to visit the 24-hour Shared workspace, lecture hall and road show hall, each of which can accommodate 60 people. During the meeting, the introduction video of MYEIC was played, talking with students, MYEIC provide plenty of services for innovators and entrepreneurs, such as shared workspace, legal, tax accounting, and other consulting services, one-stop services for starting a company, coaching from expert advisors, road-show marketing/investor-investee matching, training and exchange and Incubators providing aids for overseas expansion/expansion into mainland China.

 ESU thanked MYEIC for its well-organized arrangements and cordial reception. The visits benefited the students and hoped that the two sides would have more opportunities for communicate in the future.




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