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Exchange Programmes 交換生課程

IFT holds a one-week International Exchange Programme annually. The programme aims to develop IFT's relationship with the partner institutions, to share experiences and to expose students to cultural diversity. Up to now, different themed programmes had been held as shown below:


 Year 年份 

 Theme 主題

2019 Discovery of Vietnamese Culture and History - (Saigon) Ho Chi Minh City & Mekong Delta (Website)
探索越南文化與歷史 - 走訪(西貢)胡志明市和湄公河三角洲 (課程網頁)
2019 Destination and Experience Marketing (Website)
旅遊目的地與旅客體驗行銷 (課程網頁)
2019 Portuguese Culture, Tourism and Gastronomy (Website)
葡萄牙文化、旅遊及美饌體驗之旅 (課程網頁)
2018 Tourism, Portuguese Language and Culture (Photo album | Website)
葡萄牙旅遊、語言與文化之旅 (活動相片 | 課程網頁)
2018 Destination and Experience Marketing (Photo album | Website)
旅遊目的地與旅客體驗行銷 (活動相片 | 課程網頁)
2017 Portugal Tourism - Heritage and Creativity (Photo album | Website)
葡萄牙旅遊之傳承與啟思 (活動相片 | 課程網頁)
2017 Destination Shaping and Experience Design (Photo album | Website)
旅遊目的地規劃與旅客體驗 (活動相片 | 課程網頁)

Eco-awareness and Tourism Sustainability (Photo album | website)

環保與旅遊業之可持續發展 (活動相片 | 課程網頁)
2016 Destination Shaping and Experience Design (Photo album | website)
旅遊目的地規劃與旅客體驗 (活動相片 | 課程網頁)
2016 Portugal Tourism - Heritage and Creativity (Photo album | website)
葡萄牙旅遊之傳承與啟思 (活動相片 | 課程網頁)
2015 Eco-awareness and Tourism Sustainability (Photo album)
環保與旅遊業之可持續發展 (活動相片)
2014 Cultural Tourism and Thai Hospitality (Photo album)
泰國‧文化旅遊親體驗  (活動相片)
2013 Developing Cultural Tourism (Photo album)
拓展文化旅遊 (活動相片)
2012 7 Tourism Senses in Dynamic Busan (Photo album)
動感釜山.感官體驗七重奏 (活動相片)
2011 Asia Wave in Tourism and Hospitality (Photo album)
亞洲餐旅觀光新風潮 (活動相片)
2010 Chinese Gastronomy and Culture (Photo album)
中華美食文化 (活動相片)
2009 Cultural Tourism (Photo album)
文化旅遊 (活動相片)
2008 Intangible Heritage and Tourism (Photo album)
無形文化遺產與旅遊發展 (活動相片)
2007 Gastronomy and Tourism
2006 Managing Heritage Attractions for Sustainable Tourism
2005 The Conference Industry
2004 Sport Event Tourism
2003 Casino and Gaming in South East Asia - Its role in tourism development
2002 The Dynamics of MICE
2001 Tourism and Leisure
2000 e-Tourism
1999 Tourism and Environment
1998 Cultural Heritage as a Tourism Product


In the past years, students from Mainland China, Australia, Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Mongolia, Mozambique, Portugal, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, The Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America and Vietnam had attended.

For more information, please contact the Technical and Academic Support Division at for further details.


過去六年,分別有來自內地、澳洲、奧地利、芬蘭、法蘭、德國、關島、香港、匈牙利、日本、澳門、馬來西亞、蒙古、莫桑比克、 葡國、南非、南韓、泰國、荷蘭、 土耳其、英國、美國及越南的學生參與。



有關詳情可與技術暨學術輔助部聯絡,電郵 。

Global Affairs Team

Pedagogic Affairs Department


Colina de Mong-Ha Macao, China



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